SEA Student Preregistration

New Form 1 Students

Step 1 - Upload Photos

Rules :
1. Only files of the following format are to be uploaded : JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF
2. Each file must NOT exceed 500 Kilobytes
3. Files cannot have the same name.
4. File names cannot have any spaces or special characters.

Use the following file naming convention :
For Example : If the student's name is Mary Jane and her parents contact number is 3374358
USE the student initials followed by 1(for student photo) or 2(for birth certificate) then followed by the last 4 digits of the parent's phone number.

Therefore :
The student photo file would be renamed to MJ14358
The birth certificate file would be renamed to MJ24358

Select student photo to upload:
Select scan or photo of birth certificate to upload: